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На сайте "Локуса" выложили планы выхода фантастики в США и Англии на 2009 год (с марта по декабрь).
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* Varley, John : Rolling Thunder
(Ace 978-0-441-01563-4, $24.95, 344pp, hardcover, March 2008, jacket illustration Bob Warner)
SF novel, third in the sequence following Red Thunder (2003) and Red Lightning (2006), in which an amateur expedition to Mars leads to a colony there. In this book a third-generation Martian named Podkayne joins the Martian Navy, in the Music, Arts, and Drama Division.

Это Варли так над Хайнлайном прикалывается? :)

А поскольку "Азбука" у нас увлекается антологиями, то эта прямо напрашивается на издание у нас:

* Flint, Eric, & Mike Resnick, eds. : The Dragon Done It
(Baen 978-1416555285, $24, 402pp, hardcover, March 2008, cover by Bob Eggleton)
Anthology of 19 stories, most of them reprinted from earlier publications but two of them original to this book, about supernatural crimes involving dragons.
Содержание есть на Вебскрипшн.нет (кстати, там выложена часть текстов - предисловие составителей и рассказы Майка Резника, Грэма Эдвардса и Тани Хафф).
Забавный сборничек вышел.
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Bull, Emma : Territory (Tor 978-0-312-85735-6, $24.95, 318pp, hardcover, July 2007, jacket art John Jude Palencar)

Historical fantasy novel, a dark-magical secret history retelling of the Western legend about Wyatt Earp and his brothers in Tombstone, Arizona, in 1881.

Во как, криптоисторическое темное фэнтези про шерифа Уайта Эрпа с братьями и перестрелку в Томбстоуне ;)
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Durham, David Anthony : Acacia
(Doubleday 978-0-385-50606-9, $26.95, 576pp, hardcover, June 2007)
Fantasy novel, first book in the "War with the Mein" trilogy, about the four children of the assassinated ruler of Acacia, an idyllic island empire founded on drug trafficking and slave trade, who vow to avenge their father's death.

Вот думаю, Островную империю здесь называют Акакией или Акацией? ;)

UPD. Добрый [livejournal.com profile] jaerraeth предложил "Ацацию" :)

Кстати, на "Локусе" выложили книжные планы на июнь 2007 - март 2008. Интересно, что у нас переведут в итоге.
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Из локусового обзора новинок февраля:

Del Franco, Mark : Unshapely Things
Urban fantasy novel, the author's first novel, in which Boston police call in a druid to investigate murders of fairy prostitutes.

Jones, Frewin : The Faerie Path
Young adult fantasy novel about a teenaged girl who discovers she is the lost daughter of Oberon and Titania, whose re-appearance revives the world of Faerie.
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Wilce, Ysabeau S. : Flora Segunda

Fantasy novel, subtitled "Being the Magickal Mishaps of a Girl of Spirit, Her Glass-Gazing Sidekick, Two Ominous Butlers (One Blue), a House with Eleven Thousand Rooms, and a Red Dog", about a girl who lives in her family's castle, Crackpot Hall, which has 11,000 constantly moving rooms.
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"Ellen Klages' The Green Glass Sea (Viking) is winner of this year's Scott O'Dell Award for Historical Fiction, given to a children's or young adult book published in English by a U.S. publisher and set in the Americas."

Сколько дополительных условий, однако :)
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Увидено в списке ноябрьских новинок в "Локусе":

Anderson, M. T. : The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Volume I: The Pox Party
Young adult fantasy novel, the first of two volumes, about a boy and his mother raised in a mysterious house by rational philosophers.
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Из ноябрьского списка новинок "Локуса":

Klages, Ellen : The Green Glass Sea (Viking 0-670-06134-4, $16.99, 321pp, hardcover, October 2006)
Young-adult historical novel, not SF but of associational interest, about two girls in Los Alamos during the World War II search for the atomic bomb.

Вопрос: чьи это были шпионки? ;)
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Бывшая жена Императора :)

Обнаружена в списке "локусовых" новинок:

Ryan, C. J.: The Fifth Quadrant
SF novel, third in the series following Dexta (2005) and Glorious Treason (2006) about Imperial bureaucraft Gloria VanDeen, ex-wife of the current Emperor, who uses her stunning good looks to manage troubles on backwater planets.
"Gloria is entertaining two tempting offers: to become Empress, or to rise through the ranks of the Department of Extraterrestrial Affairs and take out some bad guys along the way... "
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Rockwood, Alyn: How Noble in Reason
Сайт автора - http://www.mines.edu/~alynrock/

Описание: SF novel about a Cornell University artificial intelligence researcher, inventor of three sentient computers named A, B, and C, who's implicated in the destruction of one of them.

"Что осталось на трубе"?(c) "Отроки во Вселенной", однако ;)
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Из локусовых новинок начала июля:

Novik, Naomi: Temeraire: In the Service of the King
Omnibus of three fantasy novels about dragons used in the Napoleonic Wars published earlier this year in paperback originals by Ballantine Del Rey: His Majesty's Dragon, Throne of Jade, and Black Powder War.

Цитата с сайта автора: "A reimagining of the epic events of the Napoleonic Wars with an air force—an air force of dragons, manned by crews of aviators."

"Naomi Novik was born in New York in 1973, a first-generation American, and raised on Polish fairy tales, Baba Yaga, and Tolkien."

Кстати, автор присутствует в жж - http://naominovik.livejournal.com
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Может оказаться интересным:
Malmont, Paul: The Chinatown Death Cloud Peril
Historical adventure novel, the author's first novel, with fantasy elements about pulp writers Walter Gibson and Lester Dent, creators of The Shadow and Doc Savage, and they investigate parallel mysteries that involve H.P. Lovecraft, L. Ron Hubbard, Louis L'Amour, and Orson Welles.
Цитата: "Gary K. Wolfe reviews the book in the June issue of Locus Magazine, saying the book "works on one level as a trivia fest for pulp fans and on another as an effort to re-create, with a fair amount of comic and ironic overtones, the outlandish pacing and overbaked prose of the pulps themselves" and concludes that the book "is exhilarating, and for those who've never heard of Dent or Gibson, it's a fair approximation of what all the fuss was about."

Duncan, Dave: Children of Chaos
Fantasy novel, first of a duology, set on a dodecahedral world and concerning four children taken as hostages in a war who are reunited years later.
Дилогия называется The Dodec Books. Название второго романа - Mother of Lies.
Отрывок - на сайте автора.
Цитата: "Faren Miller reviews the book in the June issue of Locus Magazine, saying that Duncan "packs a remarkable amount of multi-culturalism, interesting characters, and unusual (sometimes brutal) magic into less than 400 pages."

А вот это просто забавно:
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